Inn on the Creek 
Well into the adventure of Teton living, we purchased the Inn on the Creek in the Town of Jackson. This unique property has nine guest rooms that border Flat Creek as it ambles toward the Snake River. The entire family worked the hotel as various times but in reality we had a staff that keep the guests returning to their favorite hotel in Jackson. The 10 year commitment - which ended when the college tuition bills arrived - introduced me to some of the best folks in Wyoming through the state Lodging Association and ultimately the national Hotel & Lodging Association. 2002


• Curated CME in the EMR ~ pat. pending.
     Disco Health  2016

• eRx adjudication with patient connectivity.
     Change Healthcare  2014

•Consumer lab access virtual Rx authority.
     Medivo  2010

•Enterprise clinical workflow.
     Medicity  2002

• Merck Manual on CD.
     Merck Manual Consumer 1994

•Physician credenza on searchable CD.
     stat-ref  1990

Patent/IP Commercialization

•The Tangle Disease puzzle
     Brain Chemistry Labs  2016


Ideas are plentiful. Executing on the idea takes time and money….here are a few of the ideas that I work on as the resources permit.
Recent work has introduced me to the travel tech community with location-aware tech - like Pandora for places.  Building a Minimal Viable Product that connects travelers with national brands requires the endless creativity that our millennial team delivers every day.  A start-up in a co-share work space is the best place to find yourself at 60 years. 2013
'I Climbed the Grand Teton!'

Yes I did, and so have thousands of others.  Remarkable the stories and lives that have changed because of this shared experience.  Read their stories, local NFPs share the proceeds to help others experience it too.  Share your story if you climbed.  2017.

Came to me on a Yellowstone trip with my family.  Kathleen (13) was texting while walking through Lamar Valley….so why not build a tool that monitors her volume of texts (set by parents) and presents a question that requires an answer to keep the texting turned on.  Patent is pending.